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It’s no secret that being a gamer is getting more costly these days. With the average price of a new console game now creeping up to around $60, gaming is anything but a cheap hobby. Regardless, we’re spending more on video games than ever before, so the spiraling cost of new releases clearly isn’t putting us off.

That doesn’t mean you should feel like you need to remortgage your house just to have a chance of playing the latest Rockstar game. Rather, you can follow some tried-and-tested life hacks to ensure you save hundreds of dollars on gaming over the course of the year. Here’s how to enjoy all of the latest games without having to pay top dollar. 

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1. Trade in Old Games 

Once you’ve completed the story mode and clocked up as many hours as you possibly can on Black Ops III, what use do you really have for it? Leading retailers like Gamestop, CeX, and Target all offer steep discounts on the newest games if you’re willing to trade in one of your older titles in exchange. This usually only applies to a specific list of in-demand games, so you’ll only get a discount if you actually own one of the games they want. 

2. Find a Platform and Stick to It 

Are you a die-hard Nintendo superfan or a committed PC gamer? If so, you should take full advantage of your platform by letting your loyalty be rewarded. If you prefer PC gaming to all other forms, become a fully-dedicated Steam gamer and enjoy access to thousands of games that are heavily discounted via Steam sales to the point where some sell for a single penny. Likewise, Xbox Live gamers can get a Gold Subscription and in return enjoy full access to Microsoft’s ‘Free Games of the Month’ Program. It pays to be loyal.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Offers 

When in doubt, consult the internet. There are endless forums and comparison sites which show you how to get the best deals on all kinds of games and even play for free. Companies like Steam and Ubisoft frequently offer free demos of games, where players can enjoy Beta versions or the first few levels of a game without spending a penny. In the realm of online casino gaming, those who don’t want to spend money on slots, card games, and sports bets, can access offers for free spins and no-deposit bonuses at the click of a button via sites like

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4. Play Your Games Fully 

People who only play through half of a game before getting bored or forgetting about it are almost certainly going to be spending more on games. Get maximum playtime for your money by ensuring that you’ve really gotten as much enjoyment out of a title as possible. You might have finished the story mode, but what about all those side missions you’ve been neglecting? You could even save money by opting to pay for DLC content for your favorite games instead of buying a new one altogether. 

5. Be Patient 

Finally, remember that patience is a virtue. The average game price is marked down by as much as 50% within 6 months of release, so you can save significant amounts just by sitting back and playing the waiting game. You could always complete those Red Dead Redemption 2 hunting missions in the meantime. 

You’ll find that a game is much more enjoyable when you know you didn’t pay full price for it. Get the most out of your gaming hobby by following these hacks.