Final round.

Square Enix and Team Ninja have announced that the Final Fantasy themed fighting game, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, will be getting a free to play version on Steam and the PS4 come March 12.

The free to play version of Dissidia will let you play with a limited roster of characters that changes each week, though you’ll be able to buy individual characters and weapons to keep on your team permanently if you don’t mind parting with the cash.

Dissidia NT came out to a fairly flat reception last year, with the overall feeling being that the fighter seemed too messy in its execution of ideas, while Eurogamer said that it had undone so much of what worked in previous series titles that the game was ultimately a disappointment.

Still, a free to play version means that you’ll get the chance to make your own mind up about it and while the rotating roster might seem like an annoyance, it’s a feature that should push you into trying out a new team each week.

Dissidia NT’s free to play version will arrive on Steam and PS4 on March 12.