“We already have a raft of exciting projects,” says Defries

Numskull Designs, the videogame merchandise group that make a ton of funky bits and pieces like the Resident Evil 2 zombie candle, has announced that it’s branching out from videogame merchandise and into videogame publishing with its new Numskull Games group.

Working alongside the Rubber Road Group, Numskull Games is looking to become a major player in bringing new games to you on a digital and retail front. The new publisher will be headed up by former Rising Star Games managing director, Martin Defries, who played a major role in bringing games like the No More Heroes series, Deadly Premonition, and Harvest Moon over to Western players.

Speaking about the new publisher, Defries said that the Numskull Games has “a raft of exciting projects that will be announced in the coming week,” but didn’t give any more specifics than that, damn you, Defries!

The publisher might have a few new projects on the go already but it’s actively looking for more. If you’re a developer with a project in the works, you can pitch your game to Numskull at gamepitch@numskullgames.com