The first major content update is now live.

New World Interactive’s FPS, Insurgency: Sandstorm, received its first major update on Friday, adding an arcade mode, new weapons, and a number of ‘performance improvements’ and bug fixes.

The new Arcade mode launches with the trusty Team Deathmatch, which also removes faction restrictions on weapons and upgrades and adds more supply points. More modes are planned and will be introduced to Arcade with future updates.

Five new weapons have also been added with the update; the MP5A2 and the MP5A5 should serve well in close-quarters combat while two new machine guns, the M240B and MG3 offer a lot more punch. A new security handgun, the PF940 is the fifth new weapon available, featuring 9mm rounds and a magazine upgrade of 31 rounds.

Additionally, flash grenades have been reworked, improving their effectiveness and a handful of cosmetic items have also been added, including a new camo pattern, eyewear, and tattoos. For more details on the update – as well as the performance improvements and bug fixes – you can check out the full patch notes on Steam.

New World Interactive has also announced that it has sold over 500K copies of the game and are keen to attract even more players with a 20% discount on Steam – you’ll have to be quick though, the offer ends tomorrow.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is available now on PC and is set for release on consoles later this year.