Red’s dead.

The Red Dead Online beta has gotten off to a pretty rocky start, with balance issues marring the early days of the game’s economy, and since affecting the share price of the company. In hopes of addressing some of the gameplay issues, Rockstar dropped a new update for the online mode yesterday, apparently fixing hundreds of bugs while bringing new weapons and events to the front.

At the top of the new toys brought in with the update is the inclusion of the Evans Repeater, one of John Marston’s handy weapons during the first Red Dead. The rifle will supposedly give you more of an edge in medium and long-range gunfights.

Players also got a new event in Fool’s Gold. The event will see players fighting it out to wear some gold armour, with players who take down opponents while donning the armour getting points. Along with that slice of chaos, there are four new challenge modes available with the beta.

The new activities and bug fixes might do something for injecting a little more life back into the online mode, though some players have suggested that it’s not really what they want. On the Twitter thread of Rockstar’s update notes, a lot of fans have said that they’d much rather a sing;e-player DLC rather than continued work on the online beta. Other players have said that the fixes only address a handful of issues in the game while major fixes are still needed in key areas.