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Hello and welcome to another of our Indie News Roundups! Every Thursday we cherry-pick a few of the lesser-known stories that we think are worth being on your radar. There’s three for you this week so let’s get straight to it.

Star Renegades developer teams up with Raw Fury

Developer Massive Damage announced that its rogue-lite RPG, Star Renegades, has been picked up by publisher Raw Fury. There were a couple of reasons for the partnership, with Massive Damage saying that the publisher quickly saw the draw of the game while the other reason was because “our names sound pretty badass next to each other.“

Star Renegades has been in development for quite some time, with the first teaser dropping in March last year, and the game has since seen its initial 2019 release pushed back to early 2020 after the scope of the game was increased, meaning that the devs are working on a few extra big ideas for everything.

Star Renegades boasts a pretty intriguing premise, bringing back a turn-based battle system that introduces a couple of variables during battles. Though the inclusion of a mission system built on procedurally generated, something that sounds as if it could either create a lot of diverse missions or, as we’ve learnt, throw up the same mission again and again with a touch of variation each time.

One thing is certain though, and that’s that Star Renegades is well worth keeping an eye on when it arrives next year.

ScourgeBringer’s reveal trailer is bloody intense

Well, Star Renegades might be a fair bit of a wiat to play but ScourgeBringer is, erm, also a game we have to wait for after developers Flying Oak Games and E-Studio released their first reveal trailer rogue-lite RPG (lots of them knocking around at the moment, eh?) ScourgeBringer.

The games sees you play as Kyhra as she hacks and slashes her way through ancient robot guards that are protecting the answers to Kyhra’s past along with a possible solution for saving humanity, nothing too important then.

Similar to Star Renegades, ScourgeBringer incorporates a procedural-generated feature into its gameplay, with the cave that the game is set in offering up a near endless number of layers that constantly change the layout of levels.

There’s not details on when we’ll see SourgeBringer arrive on PC and console yet, though you can add it to your Steam wishlist now, which isn’t that helpful for you but it’s handy for the developers.

Marble Combat rolls into early access

Developer and publisher Phantom 8 has released Marble Combat into Steam’s early access and you can pick it up now for free.

The game has players, as you might’ve guessed, take up the role of magical marbles with a mind of their own. You’ll be competing in a series of races and combat modes to prove that you are indeed the toughest of all the sentient marbles.

Marble Combat offers up a few tasty looking maps that tap into a classic Micro Machines vibe, with early trailers for the game showing off combat around a bedroom, with players using mousetraps as springboards and paper planes as a means of transport.

As you’d expect with a game in early access, Marble Combat is far from stable at the moment. And the latest build of the game has given way to a cluster of bugs and other issues. A devblog for the game says that “I have to accept my responsibility and clean up the mess I have created,” in the latest version of the game, with some players saying that they’ve been unable to join lobbies of games with friends. An inclusion of an option to join games mid-session has been introduced and the developer has said that an update is already in the works to revert the game back to a more stable version.

Despite the recent issues with Marble Combat, it looks like it’ll be a nice change of pace for some, and given that it’s free to play (in EA and as a final build), anyone with a decent PC should give it a go.