Let me be your fantasy.

Square Enix has launched the free edition of Final Fantasy fan service fighter, Dissidia NT, for PC and PS4 this week. The free version of the brawler offers up a roster of four characters that change each week and the opportunity to carry your progress over to the full version of the game if you upgrade to the paid version.

The first week’s roster of fighters is a pretty decent lineup, offering up the chance to throwdown as Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy 13’s Lightning, Final Fantasy 4’s Golbez, and Final Fantasy Type-0’s Ace. The roster will be changing every week but don’t fret because we’ll make sure you know what’s what with the character changes each and every week.

As you might expect the free version of Dissidia NT does have a fair few limitations, with no story mode included in the game, you’ll be restricted to exhibitions fights and online matches. The online matches will only have you playing against opponents with the full version of the game.