Be indie know.

Hello and welcome back to another of out handy Indie News Roundups. It’s the little feature we carve out every week to help make sure you know about a few of the lesser-known stories of the last seven days. So settle in and get caught up about a few games worth keeping an eye on.

The Beast Inside Demo released this week and it’s terrifying

The sinister bastards at IllusionRay Studios thought it’d be a fun idea to release a demo for its upcoming horror title The Beast Inside and it’s just bloody terrifying.

You’ll be able to play through the first few chapters of the game in the demo, giving you a chance to feast your eyes on all the photo-realitic horror you can handle, which in our case isn’t that much.

There is most definitely a plot to the game but it isn’t exactly clear from the trailer. What is clear is that there’ll be a lot of spooky goings-on in the game, with a lantern feature that protects you from the various ghouls of course, when that light goes out then things don’t go too well.

The Beast Inside will arrive this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, though you can play the demo right now on PC.

Kunai lets you hack and slash as a computer monitor with a body

Developer TurtleBlaze has teamed up with The Arcade Crew to bring us Kunai, a game that looks set to challenge even the most veteran of Metroidvania players.

Featuring a hero which is basically a chunky computer monitor with a body, Kunai tasks you with exploring the post-apocalyptic world that full of deadly and possibly angry robots.

The game kicks off with you having zero abilities but you’ll quickly build up an arsenal with every robot you murder, letting you learn new skills to help you reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

The trailer shows off the tone of the game, offering up a delightful mixture of exploration and heart-pounding action that looks set to give your thumbs a bit of a workout when the game arrives later this year on PC and Switch.

And finally… Skyworld VR brings the battle to PSVR this month

Vertigo Games, the developer behind the xombie apocalypse Arizona Sunshine, is back with Skyworld VR, coming to PSVR later this month. Skyworld has already been out for PC for a while, with the game’s strategy gameplay making for a nice changeup of VR technology.

Speaking ahead of the game’s launch this month, studio director Richard Stitselaar told The PlayStation Blog that Skyworld is “a potent mix of turn-based strategy and real time battles.”

The PC version of the game has been pretty well received by players since it arrived last year, garnering a fairly large playerbase so if you’re looking for something to mix up your VR catalogue, Skyworld looks as it it’ll do that.