Feeling lucky?

Google, the company that’s been threatening to jump into the gaming industry for a while, has finally leapt in, announcing its arrival with an impressive sounding streaming service called Stadia. Google has said that the service will arrive later this year and has given us just enough details to leave us questioning whether or not Stadia will be able to live up to its promises.

Right, the big news for the service is that Stadia will – apparently – launch with 4K resolution and a framerate that’ll hit 60fps consistently. Google has also managed to futureproof the service, saying that Stadia will be able to support 8K resolution and 120fps later down the line.

Next up is the promises Google makes about how the service will work and the biggie here is that Stadia will do away with downloading games or updates. And being a streaming service, Stadia will be a tool that you can tap into either through desktop, laptop, and selected phones or tablets. We’re still waiting on confirmation as to what phones and tablets will be able to support Stadia’s lofty criteria but it seems like it’ll be saved for top-range Android devices.

Digital Foundry posted a stellar breakdown of how Stadia runs so it’s well worth a watch if you want the nitty-gritty details of what’s under the hood.