Noctis arrives in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

In order to celebrate a whooping 180 million cards sold worldwide of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, Square Enix has released a new expansion called Opus VIII.

The newest set includes Noctis from FFXV and Lasswell from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius along with a handful of new characters from various Final Fantasy games.

Furthermore, the newest card set includes original artwork from past FF artists such as Yasuhisa Izumisawa (FF Crystal Chronicles), Ryoma Ito (FF Tactics Advance), Akira Oguro (FF Legends) and Toshitaka Matsuda (FFIX).

For a limited time only, those who pick up a sealed display Opus VIII booster box from participating retailers will also get a full art promo card featuring Cloud from FFVII.

Alongside side Opus VIII, there are 2 additional Starter sets available: Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood also up for purchase.

The FFVII set is more of a defensive pack with Earth/Wind elements and comes with Cloud, Tifa; among other characters. The FFXIV pack is centered about the Stormblood expansion and adds the Red Mage and Samurai jobs along with Lyse and Hien.