Winter is here.

HBO, WB Bros., and developer Yoozoo have teamed up to bring us the free-to-play browser game, Game of Thrones Winter is Coming. The real-time strategy game is fully licensed (hence the backing from HBO) and tasks you with conquering the Seven Kingdoms – because that always works out so well in Game of Thrones.

The game kicks off immediately after the death of good ol’ Eddard Stark but you won’t get to play as Robb Stark, before you get any ideas. Instead you’ll create your own Lord or Lady and begin your conquest of Westeros.

Along your journey, Winter is Coming will have you running into familiar faces from the book and TV show, as you recruit soldiers, improve your castles and defences, and forge alliances.

Being a free-to-play game, it’s more than likely that actions like improving your defences, rushing battles, and maybe even recruiting some fighters will all cost you money but if you’re looking forward to Game of Thrones season eight, then Winter is Coming’s real-time strategy game might hold you over a little while longer.