What’s under the mask?

Gearbox has released a new teaser trailer for what we’re assuming is going to be Borderlands 3. The trailer itself doesn’t refer to a full sequel, instead going by the title Mask of Mayhem.

Not much is given away in the trailer but Gearbox will be hosting a full-blown reveal tomorrow (March 28) at 6 pm GMT so we’ll get a few more details then, we hope anyway.

Rumours of a new Borderlands game have been circulating for almost a year, with the series having been expected to return last year at E3, which it obviously didn’t. Since then, 2K mentioned that a beloved franchise would be returning this year, leading to new suggestions of either a return to Borderlands of BioShock, and it seems like it’ll be Borderlands that’ll be making a long-awaited comeback.