Children of the vault.

It was a painstaking conference that Gearbox put on at PAX East, one full of intentional postponing and seemingly unintentional technical difficulties but – finally – Borderlands 3 has been confirmed.

Having been worked on for five years, Borderlands 3 looks set to deliver everything that we’ve come to expect from a Borderlands title, with faces new and old making an appearance, what looks to be a villainous duo, and over one billion guns to choose from.

The trailer ended with only a title though, suggesting that, while there was plenty of Borderlands 3 to see, we won’t be playing it anytime soon.

Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, and Borderland’s creative director, kicked off the Gearbox conference by speaking about that Borderlands Mask of Mayhem teaser. The duo confirmed that Tiny Tina would be returning for this next adventure, a little bit older now and donning a terrifying new rabbit mask. Tiny Tina will be joined by Tales from the Borderland’s Vaughn, though don’t expect to see Handsome Jack. The inclusion of Jack’s mask had led some to believe that we might see to iconic villain make a return, though Pitchford explained that Handsome Jack was only included “because we’re assholes,” thanks for the honesty, Randy.