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It’s that time of the week again, with me bringing you the latest round of news from the world of gaming. And what a week it’s been! We’ve finally had a proper glimpse of the tantalising Borderlands 3, Barcelona are top of the eFootball.Pro table in no time at all, and Final Fantasy VII is now on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Put your feet up, read this with your morning tea, and make the most of this lovely warm Saturday!

We’ve got a new trailer for the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion.

Shadowbringers will be with us July 2, and will bring a raft of new content with it, like a level cap increase to level 80, an all-new Trust System, a new 24-player alliance raid entitled “YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse,” New Game+, and end game content for crafters/gatherers, which documents the Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard. Along with all that, there’s due to be a new race, new job, and a collaboration with Tetsuya Nomura of Kingdom Hearts fame. It’s set in Norvrandt (the First World), and will be the first time players get to venture beyond Hydaelyn.

Barcelona tops the PES 2019 Konami eFootball.Pro league in record time

At the end of the fourth day of matches for PES 2019 Konami eFootball.Pro league, Barcelona were heading into the finals at the top of the charts, though they’ve had Celtic close behind them!

The matchday five fixtures are due to be played on April 13, so keep your eyes peeled – Barcelona are going up against Monaco, Nantes vs Boavista, and Celtic vs Schalke.

You can now play Final Fantasy VII on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Yup – lots of Final Fantasy news this week, though unfortunately no word on that long awaited sequel. Instead, it’s a simple port of one of the most beloved games in the franchise – Final Fantasy VII, on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. So if, like me, you’re bored of waiting for the remake and never actually played the original, this might be a good place to start.

Borderlands 3 has been announced!

It’s been a busy week for Borderlands – first the new Mask of Mayhem trailer, and then the announcement of Borderlands 3 itself. It does look to deliver what fans want, but on the other hand, we have the title and… not much else. We do know a little bit more about Mask of Mayhem thanks to Randy Pitchford (Gearbox’s CEO) speaking at the Gearbox Conference, where he’s said that a slightly older Tiny Tina will be making an appearance, along with Tales from the Borderland’s Vaughn, but unfortunately, no Handsome Jack.

We’ve got a release date for Wolfenstein’s Young Blood

The spin off will be hitting PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on July 26, and graced us with a new trailer for our troubles. Go co-op Nazi hunting as BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters in a reimagined Paris – you can play it solo as well, but when you’re playing as twins, you should really be having double the fun!

And finally – here’s what happened on GGS this week:

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