Pow pow puppy chow.

All too often pre-order bonuses only deliver a handful of pretty dull extras in the game, y’know, weapons, outfits – lame stuff. So when Bethesda announce that its pre-order bonus for Rage 2 will be an option to have Tim Kitzrow, the commentator from NBA Jam, commentate your post-apocalyptic kill spree, you kind of have to sit up and listen.

The “Man on Fire” cheat code does just that and it’s what Bethesda is hoping will bump up a few extra pre-orders before Rage 2’s May 14 release. The iconic voice from NBA Jam resurfaces for a pretty different role. Swapping out three-pointers for explosions and… well, I don’t know much else about basketball. What I do know is that Kitzrow’s commentary looks pretty bloody hilarious as he shouts out a slew of nonsense while you murder your way through the wasteland.

The trailer for the game, which was very unhelpfully released on April 1, left some wondering if the pre-order bonus was legit. Rest assured it is, Bethesda simply saying “yes… it’s real” so hopefully that’ll put any doubts to rest. I mean, it’s not like Bethesda has promised something before and then failed to deliver on it. Too soon?