Fan favorite JRPG returns next year

SEGA has announced their plans to bring a new Sakura Wars game for PS4. Tentatively titled Project Sakura Wars, the game is currently set for a Spring 2020 release in North America and Europe.

The upcoming title in the Japanese phenomenon will be set in a romanticized version of 1940s Imperial Tokyo where a cataclysm resulted in the devastating loss of the Imperial Combat Revue of Tokyo which operates out of the Imperial Theater. Since this catastrophe, the theater has been going through difficult times. Players will take the role of the captain of the new Tokyo Revue and it’ll be up to them to restore the theater to its former glory.

Fans of the franchise can expect an emphasis character-driven storytelling and relationship building. The game will also feature the dynamic LIPS dialogue system where what players say and how they say it will impact relationships. SEGA also promises a deep combat system which will take advantage of each squad member’s unique abilities.

Project Sakura Wars will feature full Japanese voice acting with English, German, French, and Spanish subtitles.