Fun with friends

Magic Design Studios have announced their plans to bring critically acclaimed action-platformer, Unruly Heroes, to PS4 sometime this spring.

Unruly Heroes is an easy to pick up, hard to master kind of game. The game features 4 playable characters, co-op and competitive modes.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the game:

Set against the backdrop of one of China’s most beloved folk-tales, The Legend of the Monkey King ,Unruly Heroes places the player in the shoes of our titular heroes – Wukong the Monkey King, Sanzang the Sleepy Monk, Kihong the Greedy Pig and Sandmonk the Sensitive Brute – as they journey through a beautiful, hand-drawn world facing an ever growing horde of enemies, challenging platforming and puzzles.

Unruly Heroes first launched on PC, Switch and Xbox One earlier this year and was well received among gamers and critics alike (Metacritic 82% on PC).

Magic Design Studios also announced a few additional features for the PS4 version:

  • New easy and hard difficulty modes
  • Photo mode
  • New level completion rankings
  • Tweaked Emerald rank updated and new diamond rank for hard mode
  • Additional character skins
  • Move List
  • Level Timer
  • Controls related tweaks