Indie jungle, the mighty jungle.

Hello and welcome back to another of our Indie News Roudups! You may have noticed that we didn’t have one last week because I was at Rezzed (and still have to get my feature finished for that!) last week. But that was last week, who cares about that!? We’ve had a bunch more news since then so let’s get straight to it.

Undertale’s artist has revealed the free-to-play Escaped Chasm

A big part of what made Undertale such a gem of the game was – along with its writing and story – its design. It managed to nail that retro design without ever feeling too much like a series of runaway callbacks to the RPGs of yesteryear. And now Undertale’s artist, Temmie Chang, has announced her own RPG called Escaped Chasm.

It’s not so much an epic, time-eating beast of an RPG as it is a 20-minute game that could, possibly, develop into something more. Undertale and DeltaRune’s creator, Toby Fox, helped out with Escaped Chasm’s soundtrack and the entire thing doesn’t stry too far from what we’ve seen in Undertale.

Still, if you’re up for giving it a go, you can play Escaped Chasm for free right now.

Moonlighter’s Between Dimensions DLC arrives this summer

RPG-em-up Moonlighter has had its first bit of paid DLC announced, with Between Dimensions set to arrive this coming summer.

The DLC comes off the back of a slew of free-updates for the game, introducing a new dimention0-shifting dungeon, new monsters rocking up in areas new and old, plus a few new weapons, hooray!

There isn’t a specific date other than a summer release window for Moonlighter’s DLC but it’s certainly something to look forward to in the game.

And finally… Close to the Sun has a PC release date

We’ve covered the BioShock-esque Close to the Sun for a while now but finally, finally, we have a PC release date for the game after developer Storm in a Teacup announced that Close to the Sun would arrive on May 2 through the Epic Games Store.

We’re still nonethewiser about when we’ll see a console release, though game designer Joel Hakalax told us that an autumn console release is what the developer is aiming for.

While the game hits a lot of Rapture notes in its design, Close to the Sun’s gameplay is far more reminiscent of SOMA or Outlast, with the run or die gameplay being the path the game follows.