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There are a lot of common misconceptions about online games. Most of the stereotyping comes from the media which has portrayed games and gamers in particular light. Until you have become part of the online gaming community you may never see the gamer’s reality.

The biggest misconception is that online games are for little kids and teenagers. Yes, there are a lot of players in that demographic. However a lot of those teenagers from fifteen years ago are now adults. Now the largest consumers of online gaming products are adults. Not young adults but mature, have-a-stable-job-and-mortgage adults. In fact with the rise of adult only online games like real money casino games at the best casinos online there will be more adult online gamers.

If you have problems believing this, it is most probably because of the second misconception. Gamers are not a lazy bunch of people that survive on hand-outs. Think about it slowly, a book-keepers computer costs a fraction of the price of a proper gaming computer. To game and to enjoy it you need to have expensive equipment. So yes gamers are gainfully employed.

Subscribing to the other major misconception is the reason you find it difficult to accept that gamers are socially successfully individuals. To be an online gamer you need to possess some ability to socialise. Online gaming involves social interaction. Online gamers are more than capable of carrying basic social functions. They have real relationships with people they actually meet physically. Not just those from various locations across the globe that they hang out with online. Gamers also have school friends, they also date even outside the gaming world, click here to learn more.

The profile of the average gamer has greatly changed over the years. This is probably because the games themselves have changed. The latest games require a lot of imagination, planning and skill to reach the highest levels. Gaming is no longer child’s play.