You heard right, it’s not the air getting a little thin; Oxygen Not Included is coming out of Steam Early Access next month.

Klei’s Oxygen Not Included has been available on Steam Early Access for around two years now and has already managed to ship about two million copies, so chances are that you’ve heard of, or even already played the space-colony management sim that is Oxygen Not Included. Well, all those Early Access shenanigans are coming to a close as Klei has set May 28, as the official full release date.

“After two years, we are happy to announce that Oxygen Not Included is coming out of Early Access on May 28. Throughout Early Access, we’ve added a ton of content, polish, improvements, optimizations and features to realise our vision of the game. Features such as simulating disease, implementing a skill system, adding creature taming, logic gates, automation, duplicant scheduling, recreational facilities, as well as a menagerie of new creatures, biomes, official mod support, space travel, and more, have all been added to complete the experience.” said Jamie Cheng, founder of Klei Entertainment.

With the final Oxygen Not Included Early Access update Klei is introducing a host of new features, including three new biomes, new buildings, new creatures, and asteroid generation settings, so each playthrough can feel fresh and challenging.