They sent Dylan Furst on a little holiday.

If you didn’t know already, Nvidia has released a new range of top-shelf gaming laptops with the all-new RTX tech, and to show off the new lineup, the hardware titans teamed up with Metro Exodus’ publisher Deep Silver to show what the machines can do.

First up they collared Instagram man Dylan Furst and sent him over to Chernobyl armed only with the clothes on his back, a new RTX ASUS laptop, and hopefully a couple of Dairylea Dunkers (it’s a long trip). Furst was tasked with getting a few shots from Chernobyl that were taken as inspiration for the post-apocalyptic series and he did a pretty good job with it, see for yourself with the gallery below.

It’s a strange way to show off just how powerful these new laptops are but it got the job done… has… has anyone heard from Dylan Furst since he left though?

We reviewed Metro Exodus a while back, saying that while it was a a gamble to change the game up so much in places, it was nonetheless a brilliant send-off for the Metro series.