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We are on a short break in the League of Legends Championship Series, stuck between the spring and summer splits. Thankfully, we are not too far off as play will resume in June.

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Who are the best up and coming teams to be backing this summer?


In the LCS, we know that Team Liquid, Cloud9, and TSM are constant powerhouses. But FlyQuest is coming up. They finished the Spring Split 10-9 (even though hey got smashed by Team Liquid, 3-0) and are poised to go for a top three finish in the upcoming Summer Split.

The current roster is an international showcase of talent, consisting of players from Canada, the USA, and Denmark. V1per from Canada plays Top Lane, Santorin, from Denmark is at Jungler, the American, Pobelter, takes the Mid Laner position, WildTurtle, and JayJ, both from Canada, take up the Bot Laner (ACD) and Support roles.

A great sign that they are up and coming is the fact that they were +256 underdogs to Team Liquid back in March, and they won that match, cashing in for their backers.  In the playoffs, they also won against the Golden Guardians as small favorites of -145 before losing to Team Liquid, who were massive -1111 favorites in the quarters.

SinoDragon Gaming

Over in the LPL SinoDragon Gaming finished the regular season at 9-6. They made it through the first round of the playoffs, smashing EDward Gaming 3-0 before getting taken out by Topsports Gaming via sweep.

SinoDragon Gaming were underdogs against EDward Gaming when they took them down, and their loss to Topsports came as fairly heavy underdogs, so it wasn’t unexpected. That said, they are qualified for the Summer Split and look like they can offer some stiff competition to the usual LPL powerhouses like Invictus and RNG.


Splyce finished outside of the winner’s circle in Europe but they made it to the playoffs. A 3-1 victory over SK Gaming in the first round is no small feat. And their eventual 3-1 defeat to Fnatic in the quarterfinals is nothing to be ashamed of.

Splyce is becoming a powerhouse in the LEC. They are often listed as match favorites now unless they are going against teams like Fnatic or G2 Gaming.  The regular season had Splyce finishing 11-7 (which is the same regular season record as Fnatic, mind you) taking down some tough opponents on the way. In March, Splyce took down G2 Gaming as nearly 3 to 1 underdogs. They also smashed through teams like Schalke 04, Rogue, and SK Gaming. Look for this team to continue to apply pressure in Europe.


DAMWON Gaming is out to make a name for itself over in Korea. They finished 5th in the regular season but played through the first round of the Spring Playoffs beating SANDBOX Gaming as +117 underdogs. In the quarterfinals, King-Zone DragonX ended up sweeping DAMWON Gaming 3-0 but we learned that DAMWON is the real deal and will be making waves in the LCK this summer.