Steam players might be GIGA-hurt.

GIGA Wrecker Alt, the revamped version of Game Freak’s anime Metroidvania has started to roll out across consoles. PS4 players can pick it up now, while Switch players can grab it from May 2, and Xbox players can join in the fun from May 3.

The reworked version of the game includes a bunch of console exclusive stuff that Steam players will miss out on, a bit harsh considering that the Alt edition of the game will include the complete packsge that GIGA Wrecker released during its initial lifespan on PC. GIGA Wrecker Alt will include 20 new puzzles, a new robot companion, and a Hard Mode for those of you who love being tortured by games, have fun.

If you don’t know much about the game we, rather helpfully, covered it in our Rezzed Roundup but the headline is that it’s a pretty slick design wrapped up with physics puzzles that’ll melt your brain and combat that does its job pretty well.

GIGA Wrecker Alt is available on PS4 for £20/$25 and we’re expecting to see similar prices for Switch and Xbox.