Be indie know.

Hello and welcome back to another of our Indie News Roundups. Every week we, well, roundup all the stories we think you should know about from the gritty underbelly of the indie scene. And with spooky shooters, robot chefs, and more, there’s no time like the present to get you up to speed.

Darkwood gets a console release date

The terrifying top-down shooter, Darkwood, is coming to PS4 and we won’t have to wait long to play it, with the game’s launch arriving on May 14.

Darkwood has been around for a while on PC but we’ve had to wait almost two years for a console release.

We haven’t played it ourselves but it sounds like Darwood is a spookier Don’t Starve, with players having to split up their time by foraging for material by day and finding shelter while presumably crying during the night. If that wasn’t bad enough, sinister ghouls are hanging around.

The game has already garnered a cult-following, with the game’s classic survival horror vibe winning a lot of people over. You can pre-order the game now for £15 ahead of its May 14 release.

Automachef mixes food preparation with puzzle-solving

Team17 has partnered up with developer Hermes Interactive to bring us the culinary puzzler Automachef, touted to arrive this summer.

Automachef presents you with a set of kitchens that you’ll have to fill with machines that can slice, dice, peel, and boild all the ingredients you need to make delicious meal for human customers, at least we hope they’re customers, the alternative is a depressing dystopia where humans are slaves to robots and we’re force-fed by pincer-armed robots.

Along with that horrifying glimpse into the future, Automachef has three game modes, with players able to go through a campaign, a Contracts Mode that has you building a business, and a “Test Site Mode,” which we’re guessing is a training area.

Automachef doesn’t have a specific release date yet but a summer release for the Switch and Steam is what the developer is working towards.

And finally… Havocado is available on Early Access

Gang Beasts is great but you know what it doesn’t have? Guns. Lots and lots of guns. Thankfully, Havocado does have guns aplenty along with a chaotic four-player battle arena that has you fighting in traffic, on an aeroplane, a construction site, and 37 other areas.

If that sounds like a whole lot of violent fun, then you’ll be glad to hear that Havocado has landed on Early Access.

There’s no word yet as to when we’ll see a full release for the game but you can pick it up on Early Access through Steam for £7/$10.