Year 3, Season 2 Samurai hero Sakura is live.

This new season introduces a new Samurai Hero, the Hitokiri, joining the existing roster of 23 Heroes across the four in-game Factions. Playable as either a female (named Sakura) or a male Hero (named Yato), the Hitoriki are relentless executioners on the battlefield.

Wielding the Masakari, a massive Samurai battle axe, they can enter a special state to chain heavy attacks and perform special moves. The Hitokiri will be immediately playable for Year 3 Pass owners, while all other players will be able to purchase the Hero with in-game steel starting May 9.

Check out the new trailer for a glimpse of the Hitokiri’s move sets, and details of the new Samurai “Canopy” map as well as class-balance changes for some of the other heroes.

For Honor, and the new Year 3 Season 2 DLC is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.