But can you paint a wagon? (you can’t).

Rockstar has dropped the latest and largest update to Red Dead Online. The spring update not only introduces new missions, ways to pass the time, and a new fashion lineup, it also marks the end of the game’s time in beta,

The headline of the spring update is that the online story missions have been expanded, with Jessica LeClerk’s revenge scheme getting a few new missions for honourable and dishonourable characters. Honourable cowboys will be helping to save Valentine while you outlaw rascals will be playing a role in a new robbery (gee, I wonder which one sounds more fun).

And while you wait around to get through these missions, there are a couple of new ways to help pass the time. At the top of this list is the introduction of poker in the online mode. You’ll be able to play private, invite-only matches with friends or take a seat at public table which have higher buy-ins but boast larger rewards.

There’s also a new competitive fishing feature for posses, a catalogue of new clothes, and the new LeMat Revolver which holds nine bullets and can switch between rapid fire and a “devastating shotgun shell” shot.

More updates for Red Dead Online are planned for later this year, with Rockstar saying that the spring update is “just the beginning,” which sounds pretty ominous right? Another little detail we’re still waiting for an update on is a date for Red Dead 2 on PC; GamesRadar+ suggested that the game’s PC development could be underway after a job was spotted on Linkedin but there’s been no official word just yet.