Curiosity killed the rat.

On the surface, A Plague Tale: Innocence may appear to be all about surviving hoards of blood-thirsty rats but there’s plenty of background lore for those that want to go looking for it. ‘Curiosities’ are scattered throughout the game and offer some insight into medieval France in the form of collectables.

Some of these Curiosities are pretty hard to spot so we’ve listed them all here, along with their locations.

This guide contains possible spoilers so you may want to wait until you’ve completed the game before reading on.

Chapter 1: The De Rune Legacy

  • Spices: When you reach Amicia’s house go into the back room of the kitchen and climb the ladder next to the fireplace. You’ll find this Curiosity on a table against the back wall.
  • Tablecloth: Still in Amicia’s house, head upstairs and head into the first bedroom on the left. The item is lying on the bed.

Chapter 2: The Strangers

  • Soap: When you reach the village in Chapter 2, take the first right and follow this path until you cross a stone bridge. Keep a lookout for a darkened alleyway on your right and follow it to find a locked house with this Curiosity sitting on a table to the left of the door.
  • Incense and Herbs: There’s a bedroom where you can change your clothes inside Clervie’s house. This Curiosity is sitting on the desk to the left of the bed.

Chapter 3: Retribution

  • Brew: You’ll reach a part of the story where you’ll need to swing a chandelier to progress. Before doing so, check the area for a low barrier you can vault over. The Curiosity is found inside the cauldron.
  • Crusader’s Tabard: Once you’re reunited with Hugo, climb the ladder he descended from to find this Curiosity in a chest.

Chapter 4: The Apprentice

  • Hermetic Vessel: At the very beginning of this chapter, you’ll pass a small dock on the shore of the lake. Search for a tree stump, located between a small campsite and the lake, a little further on. The Curiosity is on the ground next to the tree stump.
  • V.I.T.R.I.O.L.: This next Curiosity can be found in Laurentius’ house. It’s located in the bedroom to the far right of the upper floor and can be found on a table.

Chapter 5: The Ravens’ Spoils

  • Sickle: You’ll reach a point in the story where you’ll need to move a cart. From that spot, look ahead to see a guard standing with a torch. Take him out with your sling and move the cart to clear a path over to him. This Curiosity is found inside an open chest next to the guard.
  • Oliphant: After shooting down two corpses to distract a swarm of rats, circle around them to the left to find this Curiosity on the ground in a secluded spot.

Chapter 6: Damaged Goods

  • Pound Sterling: As Mellie leads you out of a tent, she’ll head left but don’t follow her. Instead, keep right and pass a cart with an item before heading into a building. You can find this Curiosity on a table inside.
  • Declaration of War: After you save Hugo, head to the left of the camp and look for an area with stables. You should see two horses; the Curiosity is on a stool in the tent to the right of them.

Chapter 7: The Path Before Us

  • Horseshoe: After you’ve done the Mill puzzle with Hugo and Mellie, look for a gap in the wall near the workbench. You should see a lock that you can break with your sling. Head back to the previous room and climb a ledge to reach the door you just unlocked. This Curiosity is hanging on the wall inside.
  • Map: Once you’ve received the Devorantis recipe from Mellie, head to the next area and head to the right side. You’ll come across two armoured guards near a table. The Curiosity you’re after is on the table.

Chapter 8: Our Home

  • Iconography: At the start of the chapter when Hugo wakes you up, follow him through a doorway that opens up onto a stairway. Instead of following him down, look right to the ruined stairs that lead up. The Curiosity is on top of a pile of rubble.
  • Bird Language Manual: You’ll have a choice whether to talk to Mellie on some ramparts. Check behind the barrel to the left of the stairs here to find this Curiosity.

Chapter 9: In the Shadow of Ramparts

  • Sheepskin: You’ll need to shoot down a hanging corpse to distract a swarm of rats inside a house. A guard holding a lantern will appear from an adjoining room. Take him down to distract more rats and move to the back wall to find a chest that contains this Curiosity.
  • Piece of Transis: You’ll reach a point where you’ll need to push a cart in a graveyard to advance. You can vault over the wall just behind the cart then turn left into a mausoleum to find this Curiosity.

Chapter 10: The Way of Roses

  • Study of a Skinned Person: While you’re following Rodric, you’ll enter a long hall with seating on both sides. Find the first gap in the seating to your right as you enter and you’ll find this Curiosity on a seat.
  • Theriaque: When you reach the hidden library with Rodric where you’ll need to move a cart, check the upper left corner of the room to find a hidden study. The Curiosity is on the desk here.

Chapter 12: All That Remains

  • Harnois Helmet: You’ll find a second, untouched corpse in the De Rune house. The Curiosity can be found in an open chest against the wall behind it.
  • Family Tree: This Curiosity can be found on a table in the corner of Beatrice’s laboratory.

Chapter 13: Penance

  • Rag Doll: Once you reach the end of the village and find Clervie, look left to find a broken door. Crouch to enter the house and you can find this Curiosity in a crib to your right.
  • Knight Figurine: Before speaking to Hugo in his room, head through the door on the right to find this Curiosity on a desk.

Chapter 16: Coronation

  • Discipline: After you use Hugo to take out two guards at the beginning of this chapter, head right from where the guards were standing to find a short path. This Curiosity is on the ground near a body.
  • Inquisitor’s Manual: Before you get to the courtyard of the cathedral, you’ll see some wooden stairs leading up to gallows. This Curiosity is found behind the barrels to the right of those stairs.

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