Buried treasure.

Ubisoft has delayed Skull & Bones a second time, citing that the pirate multiplayer’s focus was on “quality first,” and needed more time The new delay for Skull & Bones also means that the Sea of Thieves But Serious game won’t be appearing at E3 this year.

Karl Luhe, Skull & Bones’ producer, has said that the project isn’t at risk of being dropped, saying that “Ubisoft remains devoted to this exciting adventure,” before promising that the team would return as soon as they have more updates.

Skull & Bones was first revealed in 2017 where it was slated for a 2018 release before being delayed. This new delay sets the game back to around mid-2020 but the news has garnered some pretty positive responses from the game’s community. The majority of responses to the delay praise the Skull & Bones team for taking the time to ensure the game is in its best shape before being released.