Thrall’s Balls!

He’s been out of the game for a little while now, but the ex-warchief of the Horde is always talked about as the saviour or ‘Green Jesus’. With Sylvanas Windrunner going a bit nutty with the vengeful burning of Darnassus, some of the Hordes elite commanders have begun to question her direction, and whether or not her motives will destroy the honour of the Horde.

Looking quite a bit different from his last incarnation, Thrall is no longer the ball-wearing slim Orc that he used to be. Time spent in the alternate Draenor seems to have bulked him up somewhat and also caused his hair to grow out. Anyway, he’s been tracked back to his homestead by the honour-bound hero of many wars Varok Saurfang. Check out the latest cinematic from Blizzard – “Safe Haven”, to catch up on the ongoing story in World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth expansion.

If there’s one thing that Blizz does really well, it’s the eye-poppingly gorgeous CGI cinematics. And “Safe Haven” does not disappoint! What’s going to happen next? Who knows, but with the 8.2 patch on the horizon and new stories and a raid tier ready to open up, Thrall will be injecting some much-needed excitement back into the World of Warcraft story. Sylvanas may want to start packing her Warchief bags before she gets the axe.