The Pokémon Company International has released a new Pokémon game for Android devices; with a release iOS devices coming shortly. Pokémon Rumble Rush is a free-to-start beat-‘em-up mobile game which features ads and in-game purchases (varying between $0,99 and $24).

As an adventurer, players are tasked to discover new islands and the various Pokémon living each new area. Don’t expect this to be a cakewalk as players can expect hordes of Pokémon to stand in their way.

Tapping the screen will call upon the player’s Pokémon to take on each incoming waves of attacking Pokémon. With each battle, players will have a chance to befriend an attacking Pokémon and possibly recruit it for future battles. Once players have gone through hordes of lower Pokémons, players will have the chance to take on the island’s Super Boss fight and if victorious, they will be rewarded with gear for their Pokémon.

Thanks to exploration and special events, players will increase their chances to find Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. If they happen to stumble upon an undiscovered stage, players will be able to name it.

When looking at a map, players will see hot air balloons passing by; tapping the balloon will let players attempt a stage already cleared by other players and possibly come across a new Pokémon.