A game of ice and fire.

Winter has come and gone but it’s not the last we’ve seen of its cast and crew. The big names on and off screen have begun moving on to new projects, and creator George R.R. Martin is doing the same. In a blog post about the show’s finale, Martin gave some light details on what he’ll be up to next, and confirmed that he’s “consulted on a video game out of Japan.” The news ties in with earlier rumours that the author was working alongside Dark Souls developer From Software on a new project.

Details on just what this game is are – as you’d expect – pretty light. A couple of months ago, YouTuber Spawn Wave (via PCGN) said that the author was doing more than consultation. His video suggests that Martin was working as a writer for a new IP developed by From Software, where Marin will be “realising the world of the game, or creating the would you would be playing through. The writing would be done by him, and he would help to flesh out the world around you.”

Since Martin’s blog post, Gematsu has spoken to sources at From Software, who confirmed that the Game of Thrones creator was working alongside Hidetaka Miyazaki on a project the sources refer to as “GR.” Gematsu was also told that the game would be announced during Microsoft’s conference at E3; we still don’t know whether the game has anything to do with Westeros but the reports have suggested this will be a brand-spanking-new IP which makes tha chances of a Game of Thrones game less likely.