Gone demon huntin’.

The second DLC for Just Cause 4 has been announced and it’s going to be pitting Rico against demons who are wreaking havok across Solis because of course it is. Los Demonios will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on July 3.

The whole demonic invasion kicks off after Rico and Javi go and explore a new tomb that’s been discovered. Shortly after this, a Black Hand archeologist (they have a department for everything at the Black Hand) manages to release an ancient evil. This – as you’d expect from any self-respecting ancient evil – leads to quite a bit of bother across the whole island of Solis. Demons can possess civillians, soldiers, and even vehicles.

The latest DLC was announced after a fairly heft spring update for Just Cause 4, which has apparently solved a lot of early concerns with the game.

The Los Demonios DLC will launch on July 3 for all players but if you’ve got the Just Cause 4 Gold Edition, you’ll get access to the new expansion one week before release.