No word on the rest of the anthology though.

Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games have nailed down a release date for th first story of the Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan. The spooky ghost ship adventure will arrive on August 30 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

We’ve seen a decent chunk of the upcoming Man of Medan and if you’re a fan of Supermassive’s Until Dawn, then it’s essentially more of the same albeit with a snazzy new environment.

Along with the story, Man of Medan will feature a “Curator’s Cut” which plays as a spin on the New Game Plus; executive producer Peter Samuels explained that the Curator’s Cut means players “will see and change events and relationships from the perspective of characters that weren’t under control in their first playthrough.” The Curator’s Cut will be included from the game’s launch for players who pre-order Dark Pictures Anthology but it will be available to all players at a later, as yet unspecified, date.

Another thing we’re not too sure about is when we can expect to see the rest of the Dark Pictures Anthology being rolled out. So far, we’ve only seen gameplay from Man of Medan but we’re none the wiser about what else to expect from the series.