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Hello and welcome back to yet another of our Indie News Roundups. If it’s your first time here then the premise is simple: two people enter, one person leaves… wait, no sorry, that’s something else. This is the weekly article we put together full of stories that you need to know about when it comes to indie games over the last week. So grab a seat and catch up.

Pathologic 2 has finally released on PC

Russian developer Ice-Pick Lodge has released its sequel to the surreal 2005 thriller Pathologic with the sensibly named Pathologic 2.

It’s been a fairly long wait for the release of the sequel which reached its Kickstarter funding goal back in 2014, since then we’ve had a HD remaster of the original Pathologic and a teaser demo for the sequel called Marble Nest but the full sequel is now very much available in its entirety.

The plot of the game is pretty similar to the original game; you’re popped down in a cpooky town that’s ravaged by a mysterious plague. You’ll have to make decisions that seem to have horrible outcomes for the people in the village and you’ll only have 12 days to salvage what you can.

Reviews of Pathologic 2 have been pretty unanimous in saying that the game has some good ideas but it’s hindered by an unrelenting mess of bugs and mechanics that feel outdated, most notably its survival mechanics. Hopefully, these bugs will be ironed out in the near future.

Pathologic 2 will be available on Steam from May 23.

Planet Coaster welcomes the Ghostbusters in its latest DLC

Them park sim Planet Coaster announced that its next DLC will introduce a Ghostbusters cross over when it arrives “soon” on Steam.

The expansion will include a new story, new rides, and new scenery all based on the 1984 flick. Along with the gameplay, the expansion will also feature real-life ghostbusters Dan Akroyd and William Atherton (wait, what do you mean they’re both just actors!?)

Developer Frontier Developments hasn’t given a specific date for the expansion other than saying it’ll be arriving “soon” on the game’s Steam page.

And finally… Tech Corp. has you reliving the highs and lows of technology

Sticking with the management sims to round things off this week, Tech Corp. is all about recreating the current tech boom and it’s heading to Steam’s Early Access soon.

The game charges you with building the biggest and bestest (yep, that’s a word) tech company; you’ll have to survive the early rat race of the 90’s and throw together new gadgets to wow your customers before those bastards ove at Apple do it first.

Tech Corp. doesn’t throw too many new ideas at you, so if you’re a fan of that tried and trusted management formula, you can expect to see similar features at work here.You’ll invest money and research time into ideas that could lead to a major breakthrough, deal with HR and employyes, and learn how and where to market your wares to maximise profit. Capitalism, thy name is Tech Corp.

Tech Corp. will be available on Steam’s Early Access soon according to the developer and will be in Early Access for around six months before getting a release proper.