Art thou ready to get involved?

Developer Booming Games’ medieval MMO, Conqueror’s Blade, will be getting an open beat for PC players on June 4. The open beta will arrive a week after the game launches for players who have bought the game’s Founder’s Pack, which will give them access on May 28.

The game’s open beta will give you access to the 15 v 15 siege battles that Conqueror’s Blade offers up along with the chance to make your very own terrifying warlord. You’ll make your very own bloodthirsty warrior using ten different weapon classes which have their own strengths and weaknesses, which the developer has said will inject a little bit of strategic thought into battles.

Along with the online siege battles, Conqueror’s Blade also has an open-world element which you can use to explore and take up land in the name of you empire.

Conqueror’s Blade will arrive on May 28 for players who have picked up the Founder’s Pack before the open beta kicks off for all players on June 4.