Askii and you shall receive.

If you’ve been playing Katana ZERO on Switch then you may have run into some issues with your saved games recently. Developer Askiisoft has been working on a fix to these issues and a patch was released yesterday. Unfortunately, that patch release was a little premature and could potentially wipe your file. The developer has since explained that a permanent fix is in the works and should be released pretty soon.

As it stands, once you’ve updated the update that was released on May 27 for Switch, you’ll be asked if you want your corrupted save to be reset. Askiisoft has said that players should answer “No” to this question; the saves aren’t actually corrupted so when the completed patch has been released, your playthrough should be unharmed.

If you’ve already unknowingly reset your game save then don’t worry. The next patch will include a cheat code that’ll instantly beat the game, letting you go back and select the part of the game you were on and continue from there.

Katana ZERO released on console and PC in March and has since received a few new modes including a Hardcore mode, a Speedrun mode, and the ability to pet a cat – brilliant.