“We’d rather give people a tweaked experience than none at all.”

Pathologic 2 is a weird game, a weird and difficult game. According to developer Ice-Pick Lodge, that difficulty is integral to the player’s experience of the game, making it something but it hasn’t stopped them from announcing an incoming difficulty slider for Pathologic 2.

It’s a change that will allow players to tweak elements of the game within reason, something that the developer hopes will make the game a little more inviting to curious players. The dev’s update on Steam explained that the move came about as the team would “rather give people a tweaked experience than none at all.” And while the devs hope the difficulty tweaks open the game up a little for some players, they were keen to point out that Pathologic’s world is supposed “to be almost unbearable, otherwise the effect is lost. We concede that everyone has their own limits to push. But we strongly advise against making the game easy for yourself.” So now I don’t know what to think, what do you want me to do, Ice-Pick Lodge, WHAT!?

The details about what aspects of the game can be made a little easier haven’t been specified but we’re hoping it’ll take the onus away from gorging on anything that’s edible so that we have a little more time to explore the wonderfully weird world of Pathologic 2.

As to when this update will arrive, we don’t have an exact date but the dev post suggests it’ll arrive in the next two to three weeks.