Let your cat be your guide

Publisher Toplitz have announced their plans to publish a new family friendly game developed by Lunar Great Wall Studios. Titled Another Sight, the game throws players into darkness as the game’s protagonist is nearly blind.

Thankfully, you’ll have a guardian angel, your cat to be exact, which will act as your sight. Your furry friend illuminates the darkness around you and creates a world of colors in order to find your way back to daylight.

To give a new perspective on the subject matter, Lunar Great Wall Studios have worked in collaboration with Institut dei Ciechi di Milano to properly depict the challenges of being blind.

Here’s what explains Marco Ponte (CEO), Lunar Great Wall Studios had to say about this new unique project:

It quickly became clear to us that Kit was our protagonist something very special. She should, through the loss of her sight, represent the special and special abilities and sensations of a blind person

When we first saw Another Sight, it was clear to us that it would fit perfectly into our portfolio. Toplitz Productions stands for “games with heart and soul”. Another Sight embodies both, takes the player into a beautiful world full of contrasts, where you forget the norms for a few hours and experience the value of friendship in your world with Kit” added a representative from Toplitz-Productions.

Another Sight is currently set for a June 18 release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There’s also a Nintendo Switch version in the works which will be released at a later time.