You might be stranded but you’ve got sunglasses and a hat.

PlayStation’s Twitch channel has begun clunking into gear ahead of the planned Death Stranding coverage planned for today and we now have got a bit of extra information after the game’s pre-order page went live on the PS Store. Twitter user Nibel shared a screenshot of what appears to be the pre-order bonuses for Death Stranding.

There’s no release date included with the picture unfortunately but we do get a glimpse of what’s included, with pre-orders getting you a dynamic theme, Gold “Sam” sunglasses (very trendy), a gold armour plate, a golden hat, and a gold speed skeleton. There’s not much in the way of explanation for these items and it all looks a tad confusing.

What it does suggest though is that we might get a release date with the Death Stranding news later today, we’ll be covering that re-reveal so make sure you check back for more later today.