The rules have changed.

Well, we were all expecting it and Infinity Ward hasn’t disappointed with the reveal of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, officially this time. The reveal trailer announced the game’s release date with the October 25 launch date only a couple of days off from the rumoured release dates we saw earlier today.

The trailer doesn’t give too much away about the story but! We know that Captain Price will be returning, showing up in the opening moments of the trailer, puffing away on a cigar. What followed points to a return to the story-focused style of Modern Warfares past, and the responses on Twitter have been fairly positive, my favourite has to be “Winfinity Ward,” like, like Infinity… but…. it’s winning.

The surprise has been scuppered somewhat, with a return to Modern Warfare series being rumoured for the best part of this year, and the title being leaked earlier this week. That wasn’t the only fly in Activision’s soup this week, after the livestream thumbnail of today’s reveal gave us an early look at the game’s boxart and a distorted look at the game’s release date, which had people on Reddit debating between an October 22, 13, or 18 release, they were close but the release date is indeed October 25.