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It’s the weekend and it’s going to be a hot one, so what better thing to sit down and cool off with than your favourite news roundup? This week we’ve got some exciting stuff for you; the new reveals for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the announcements of the brand new Pokémon services, and a release date for the highly anticipated Death Stranding. So grab a cold beverage of your choice and catch up on everything you missed this week.

All the reveals for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

With an official launch trailer and a release date of October 25, it looks like Infinity Ward is making everyone’s weekend a good one. Captain Price is back, along with footage rife with a return to the blockbuster story campaign – and you’ll be surprised at how close the leaks were to the actual information. Either way, you’ll be waiting a while until you get your hands on it, but it looks like it’ll be worth the wait.

A myriad of things going on for Pokémon.

Among others, Pokémon Home, a cloud service app for Nintendo Switch and smartphones that lets you store Pokémon in one place and manage them across platforms, including the Let’s Go! games and the upcoming Sword and Shield titles, along with trading, though this won’t be out until 2020. There’s also Pokémon Sleep, which incorporates the amount of time the player spends sleeping into the game, a Detective Pikachu sequel (the game, rather than the film) heading to 3DS, and a new mobile game called Pokémon Masters, though unfortunately no release date for either of those.

Death Stranding lands November 8.

“Play as Sam Bridges and traverse a ravaged nation to reconnect a fractured society and save mankind from the brink of extinction.”

Ah, just your average, chill, after work game, fresh from the hands of Kojima himself. The wonderfully weird title finally has a release date of November 8, 2019, with a slew of various editions you can pre order. You can also check out the new trailer, which has plenty of fun stuff to show off.

Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer’s release date has been found buried in the source code.

Though the store page’s source code has now changed to June 30, as confirmed by twitter user @nibellion it was originally believed that we may be getting a release date of May 30, as put forward by twitter user Wario64 upon sleuthing through the source code of the Nintendo store’s website. Unfortunately, we can’t verify this, since the store page’s source code now leads to a 403 error, it’s definitely something to consider.

The Ghostbusters are back!

Thanks to leaks from the Taiwanese ratings website, it’s confirmed that a remastered version of the Ghostbusters video game is coming this year. Coming from Saber Interactive, it’ll be available for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

And finally, what’s been going on around GGS this week:

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