London’s surveillance system makes it “the perfect playground.”

It’s almost E3 and we’ve had the obligatory Ubisoft leak ahead of the official reveal thanks to Amazon UK which released some product information about Watch Dogs 3. As rumours earlier in the year and in 2018 suggested, Ubisoft is moving the hack ’em up to London, in the new Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion will take us to a Post-Brexit London, with the capital’s generous surveillance system, according to the leaked product information, making it “the perfect playground,” for all our nefarious hacking deeds. We’ll hopefully get a better idea of the game during Ubisoft’s E3 conference next week but there has been a few other details knocking around about the game.

The listing seems to have been first spotted by Twitter user Wario64, who shared pictures of the page listing and the product information. The leak was later confirmed by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, who also said that Watch Dogs Legion will let “you play as any NPC in the game.” It’s an ambitious idea, one that might suggest an overarching narrative will be a bit more diluted compared to the other Watch Dogs games. Though Kotaku has reported that all NPCs will have individual animations, voiceovers, and character traits, which has put a strain on the developers as they look to work out the kinks of what sounds like a very intricate idea, and may have caused at least one delay to the project already.

You’ll find out more about Watch Dogs Legion during the Ubisoft E3 conference on Tuesday, June 11 (9PM BST).