Defy all odds.

Battlefield V’s fourth chapter, Defy All Odds, will introduce a handful of new maps to the game, with the Greek Marita Map among them, while we also heard about Private Games, and got a glimpse of Chapter Five.

Marita will have Allied Forces fighting across mountain tops and rural towns and villages as you try to beat back a swarming Axis outfit.

Along with Marita, Dice also showed a new map called Alsundan (okay, I’m guessing the spelling there), a map adopted from the campaign mission “Under No Flag,” taking players back to North Africa in an arena that Dice reckons is “classic Battlefield.”

Dice also laid out a few changes to the game’s core gameplay, with an increased max rank on the way, increasing the ranks from 50 to 500. Dice also confirmed that private games will be coming to Battlefield V, with Dice expecting it to be ready to use by September this year.

We also got a glimpse of what’s coming in Chapter Five, which will take players to the Pacific, as the game explores the entry of the USA and Japan in World War Two. We only saw screenshots but new weapons, maps, and more are planned on being introduced for Chapter Five.