It’s in the cage.

Following on from the Fifa 20 reveal earlier today, we got a better look at the incoming Volta Football matches for the next Fifa instalment. We also got to hear about some new features coming to the mechanics of the main game.

Volta Football’s producer, Jeff Antwi, said the mode was “return to Fifa Street,” explaining that the game mode is the closest the game has come to recapturing the bombastic atmosphere of the Fifa Street games. Antwi also confirmed that Volta matches can feature licensed teams, meaning you can play Arsenal vs Spurs in a cage match, choosing between a three-a-side, four-a-side, and five-a-side matches. You’ll be able to customise some aspects of the game, with Antwi explaining that keepers can be included or excluded in matches.

We also heard a bit about the Volta locations, with spots n Tokyo rooftops, London cages, and Dutch underpasses all being listed. Along with the locale, we also heard about player customisation, with female Volta characters being able to be created while the wardrobe will include everything from the training kit-like outfits to jeans to trainers – because it’s the wardrobe options that we all care about.

Fifa 20’s lead producer, Sam Riviera, told us a little bit about the nitty-gritty changes coming to the game. Riviera said that changes to ball control will mean that one-on-one moments in the game will put more of an emphasis on player-skill to get past an opponent rather than relying on speed or strength. There’s also going to be a shift in how your AI teammates react off the ball, with Rivera suggesting that they won’t be as useful in defensive situations, though – as we’re told every year – your teammates will apparently use space off the ball far more productively when you attack.

Strafe dribbing is being overhauled in the game as well, feeding into the new ball physics, Riveria has said that strafe dribbling will have an improved feel, allowing you to use skills and agility a little more fluidly to beat opponents.

Penalties and free kicks are both getting new systems, with Riveria saying that the new systems are “more fun but you have more control.” Apparently, you’ll be able to affect spin and trajectory a little more clearly with the new systems.

We only heard about gameplay mechanics during the EA Play stream, meaning we’re still not sure whether we’ll see a return to The Journey story modes following Alex Hunter’s conclusion in Fifa 19 or whether we’ll see any meaningful changes in Fifa Career Mode.