For once, man isn’t the real monster, the monster is.

A Blair Witch game has been revealed, showing off a man and his dog being stalked through a spooky forest by a monster, pretty eerie. Blair Witch will arrive on August 30 this year and it’ll launch on Xbox Game Pass when it does arrive.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re watching a reveal of Outlast 3 but Red Barrell had nothing to do with this one. Instead, it’s Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team that’s behind Blair Witch. The trailer footage suggests it’ll be more of the run, hide, or die gameplay that was so divisive in Layers of Fear 2, with your man running around with a camera, being terrified of a ghost or possible witch (or ghost-witch) while his dog, Bulley, keeps you company in the terrifying walk through the woods.

Blair Witch’s press release also notes that the game “studies your reaction to fear and danger,” so it’ll be interesting to see how far-reaching this aspect of the game is when it arrives on August 30.