Aiden’s infected — with rad parkour skills (and the virus).

Techland gave us a release window for Dying Light 2, with the zombie-fest arriving in spring 2020.

A new trailer announced the news, which gave us a quick glimpse of the game’s protagonist, Aiden. Aiden is infected but apparently, he isn’t a zombie just yet so that’s good.

The trailer also re-emphasised Techland’s message about Dying Light 2 from lat year’s reveal, giving the distinct feeling that the game will be more about how you choose to interact and deal with humans rather than the zombies. We didn’t get to see any more in the way of decisions affecting the world around you but we saw something — possibly the player — lunging towards a human.

Dying Light 2 will release in spring 2020 but we don’t have a specific release date beyond that.