How much do you like hearing about hardware?

Microsoft unveiled its next-gen console, Project Scarlett, which is planned to arrive in 2020. The unveiling didn’t come with any price details but was rich in that salacious hardware jargon that we all love to hear about (sigh).

The big news is that AMD is working alongside Microsoft, developing a custom made processing chip, something that the hardware titan is also doing with Sony for the PS5. A new-gen SSD has been designed for the console which will deliver virtual RAM (love a bit of RAM, eh?) while also cutting down loading times, and the console will apparently be capable of reaching 120fps and support 8K resolution.

Rumours about Microsoft’s next-gen console suggested that we might see different models of Project Scarlett, that would reportedly include a digital only model, a basic console, and an enhanced console with all the fps and resolution bells and whistles. We didn’t get any such confirmation with the unveiling but we may yet still get that news a little closer to the console’s release.

Alongside the Project Scarlett reveal, we got a new trailer for Halo Infinite, which will be a next-gen title launch with Project Scarlett.