Travis Touchdown is back!

During E3 2019’s Nintendo Direct, Grasshopper Manufacture has revealed the highly anticipated No More Heroes III which will release sometime in 2020; however unlike previous entries in the quirky series, the 3rd entry will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch once it releases.

No More Heroes III will take place after the events of the original No More Heroes game and will follow Travis Touchdown as he returns to his former home of Santa Destroy where he encounters a mysterious flying object. What secrets will he uncover? Only time will tell.

Here’s what Goichi Suda, a.k.a. Suda51, had to say about this new entry in the No More Heroes series:

After the Nintendo Switch unveiling conference in 2017, we released Travis Strikes Again this year, and now we are finally able to make the dream of No More Heroes III a reality. We’re working hard on development day in and day out to ensure that NMHIII goes above and beyond the expectations of all the fans who have been waiting for the game for so long, and we’re going to be rolling it out in 2020. May the Switch be with you!

Furthermore, Robin Atkin Downes and Paula Tiso will be returning as Travis Touchdown and Sylvia Christel respectively while the game will feature a brand new score composed by Nobuaki Kaneko; actor and member of the band RIZE. Yusuke Kozaki, of the Fire Emblem series and Pokémon GO fame, will bring his skills to No More Heroes III as the game’s lead character designer.

Here’s what Downes had to say about reprising his role of the assassin Travis Touchdown:

I’m really looking forward to voicing Travis again; the NMH players have always been incredibly supportive and kind when it comes to my voice work within the games, and I’m glad we can give them something new to sink their teeth into! The opportunity to work with both SUDA51 and Grasshopper again is very exciting, and I can’t wait for the game’s release next year, so everyone can see what we’ve been working on!

Paula Tiso shares the same enthusiasm as Downes as she goes back into the virtual shoes of Sylvia Christel:

I’m thrilled to be reprising my role as Sylvia Christel for No More Heroes III. Sylvia has always been a favorite character of mine and I’m so excited to see what SUDA51 and Grasshopper are creating for the NMH community. It’s an honor to be part of this epic game, and I can’t wait til 2020 to share the fun with everyone!