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FIFA 19 is different from all other old series. You have improved graphics, better gameplay and the online seasons challenge has gone up a notch higher. So, how do you make the most of it?

It has new game mechanics and if you would like to become a top player then here is a game Guide for FIFA 2019 that you need to read.

How to make an effective attack.

If you are a beginner getting the basics mechanics should be the first thing. It is impossible to score a goal without having a powerful attack. For instance, you can use the positional shooting or play the game slowly if you want to counterattack your opponent. To have an active attack, you will need to follow these  two tips;

#1. Timely finish

If you’re going to score some goals in FIFA, then you should use the new mechanics of appropriate finishing. Before you make contact tap the shoot Button twice to give you some extra juice.  You will require to practice so that you can know when the timing is right. The chance to double tap is quite small, so you have to find a timely shot. Do not shoot when you have the ball close to you instead press the shoot button when you have a lot of space. It’s going to help you.

#2. Play in the attack.

There are several variants you should put into consideration when you are planning your attack. Ensure that your attacks are precise, positional, and quick counters.

How to make an effective defense

In FIFA 19, having a pro-defense player doesn’t make your defense strong. Instead, there are critical decisions which you should make to give your team a better defense. If you want to have a strong case, then follow these simple tips

  1. Change players and knock the ball straight out of penalty will give your players a strong defense.
  2. You can cover the ball by using defensive techniques.
  3. Play as the goalkeeper, although it is a risky move. This will entail you to leave the goal box, make distant and close kicks, and defending penalty goals.

Top tips to make you a better player.

#1. The driven Cross.

If you want to bend the ball for your defense, then the driven cross is the best tactic. You need to have a site of your teammate and then hold the R1/R2 button. The low cross will give you a chance to strike the balls to teammates who are further away.

#2. Be careful with the first touches

Fifa 19 will require that you master the first touches. This because you can direct your player in any direction that you want.

#3. Know the players.

You need to put players names above their hands, especially when they are about to score a goal. Also, it will give you leverage to know who you are controlling and their skills.  Besides, players tend to look the same.