Fatal fun.

Mortal Kombat 11 will be getting ranked matches pretty soon – tomorrow in fact (just in case that headline didn’t make it clear!) Along with the new game mode on June 18, Mortal Kombat 11 will introduce Shang Tsung for players with the Mortal Komat 11 season pass.

Ranked matches will arrive as seasonal events, letting you go head to head with players for a chance to win in-game extras that are exclusive to the ranked arenas. The ranked mode will last for four weeks, with the rewards changing with each season.

You might be thinking ‘Welp, I don’t have a chance with this sort of malarky,’ In which case, well done for using the word “malarky” but also it might not be too bad. The ranked matches will pit you against players with a similar skill level to your own. It means that the odds of a first-time player coming up against a blood-soaked veteran should be pretty slim. Ranked matches will also include a gauge that’ll tell you your estimated odds of success against any given opponent, which all sounds very Moneyball.

The first season of ranked matches will start on June 18 and run until July 16.